6 Disturbing Facts About the Deadliest Serial Killer in US History

 6 Disturbing Facts About the Deadliest Serial Killer in US History

Samuel Little

An FBI publication of  October 6, 2019 declared Samuel Little the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history. Little, now 79, started his crime career when he was 30. Here are the 6 disturbing facts about a man who had a little name, but did something big in the crime world.

Female Victims

This is a collection of sketches made by Samuel Little, based on his memories of some of his female victims from different US states.(Photo Credit: HO/AFP/Getty Images)

Little took immeasurable pleasure in killing women who admired him. A recurrent pattern noticed in Little’s confessions is that all the women he murdered mercilessly were unsuspecting, innocent women who trusted him enough to go out with him to the woods, a secluded area, an hotel, or unknown places. More than 63 of Little’s unfortunate victims were women.


Little preferred strangulation to any other method of killing. In a confession video, Little said he killed only one of his victims by drowning; others were strangled to death. That would appear as a smart choice of killing method if we consider some things: Strangulation causes unconsciousness within few seconds and death in 2-3 minutes depending on how powerful the one doing the strangling is. Also, most times it’s not easy to detect whether or not someone was strangled to death. Little stands at 5 feet 11 inches with large shoulders, and used to be a boxer. With such features and skill, it will only take him few minutes to finish off his unsuspecting female victims without, raising unwanted alarms. The fact that strangulation isn’t always easy to detect may also explain why the death of  many of his victims “were originally ruled overdoses or attributed to accidental or undetermined causes.”

93 Victims in 35 Years

Samuel Little in 2013 (Photo Credit: AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

According to Little, he strangled 93 people (almost all of those 93 were females) in 35 years—1970-2005. 50 out of the 93 murders he claimed responsibility for have been confirmed to be true. With such long years of insensate killing spree, Little believed he would never be caught. He started killing at 30, killed continually for 35 years, but he didn’t get a life sentence until he was 74 —though he had been to prison several times. If he weren’t caught in 2012, he might have gotten away with his heinous crimes. Who knows?

Interstate Murder

Little was some sort of peripatetic murderer. Perhaps emboldened by the belief that he would never be caught, Little moved from one state to another strangling both young and older innocent women to death. During his crime career, he murdered women across 13 states. The list: California, 19; Florida, 9; Ohio, 8; Georgia, 8; Texas, 3; Arkansas, 3; Louisiana, 3; Mississippi, 2; Arizona, 2; Illinois, 2; Tennessee, 1; Kentucky, 1; and Maryland, 1. Apart from murder, if crimes like burglary, armed robbery, shoplifting, drug violations, raping—all of which Little was guilty of—were to be considered, Little would have a crime history in 24 states and his crime career would spread over 56 years.


Like many other serial killers in history, Little rapes his victims before taking their lives. Some of his victims were found naked.


Composite image of timeline of various booking photos of serial killer Samuel Little, from 1966-1995.

Samuel Little. Years and years; same old, same old. (Photo Credit: FBI)

Little is a jailbird who should have gotten life sentence long time before 2014. He had been arrested 26 times in eleven states for different crimes, but somehow, he pulled through all the arrests and continued his “career.”

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