This Woman’s Worshipers Cut their Fingers and Tongues, and Committed Suicide to Worship Her

 This Woman’s Worshipers Cut their Fingers and Tongues, and Committed Suicide to Worship Her


From what we know, Jayalalithaa was an actress who became a politician, pure and simple.  But the bizarre things people did to prove their loyalty to her, show that it’s wrong to think she was just an actress who turned a politician. Her supporters believed she is a goddess and they killed and mutilated themselves and also spilled their blood to worship her.

We aren’t trying to say the politicians in your country are worthless scumbags who lie too much and command little, useless respects, but we know they can never earn the type of bloody loyalty that Jayalalithaa enjoyed before and after she ascended to heaven on 5th December 2016 after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Yeah, she ascended to heaven; she didn’t die. What’s messing with your memory? Have you forgotten she was a goddess? Goddesses don’t die. Yes, that’s correct. Goddesses don’t die, they ascend to heaven. You first learned that here. Don’t forget to give us the credit.

You will get to read all the screwy things her supporters (sorry, that was a weird typo. “Worshipers” was the word we had in mind) did to prove how loyal they are to her. But first, let’s tell you some few things about this badass “goddess of power”. It’s important you know.

Her full name is Jayalalithaa Jayaraman. Did you bit your tongue when you tried to pronounce that? Sorry. It’s the name of a goddess. It wasn’t really crafted to be pronounced easily. Believe us when we tell you, the woman was a goddess in every way. She was born in India in 1948. She became a screen goddess at age 12. From 1960 to 1992 when she stopped acting, she had acted at least 46 movies. In 1989, our goddess got into national politics and also became the  goddess of political power.

There were various corruption charges against  Jayalalithaa, but she pulled through it all in a goddess style . (Photo credit:

Okay. Enough! We know you are itching to know the bizarre things her worshipers did to prove their loyalty. Here goes.


Raja, a tea shop vendor, decided to celebrate the goddess’s 54th birthday in a grand style. He cut off his tongue and offered it as a celebratory sacrifice in a Tirupathi temple.


A man celebrating the goddess’s 55th birthday chopped off one of his fingers and dropped it in an offering box at a temple. Ahhh! What’s up with these temples that accept body parts as offering? Don’t these temples prefer money offerings? Well, maybe the temple priests are just bunch of stupidly rich cannibals.


A painter named Shihan Hussaini, drew 1,500ml of his blood (he passed out several times in the process, though) to make 56 paintings of Jayalalitha. The number of paintings was calculated to match Jayalalithaa’s 56th birthday. We aren’t sure this guy loves his mother or wife, but we know for sure that he loves Jayalalithaa. To make him stop hurting himself, Hussaini’s goddess promised him a piece of land. Hussaini waited for the piece of land for 10 years, but he never got it. Obviously, goddesses don’t renege on their promises. This guy also once nailed his hands and feet to a 300 kg , 8×6 ft wooden cross using six-inch iron nails. Why the hell he did that? He was making a gory plea that his goddess be allowed to return to power as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.


M. Sirita cut off her tongue at a temple as a thanksgiving sacrifice because her prayer for Jayalalitha’s victory at the polls, was answered. Sirita got a cash gift of $2,200 from her goddess. Way to go, Sirita. You didn’t need your tongue anymore so you cut it off and sold it for a fortune. You are smart and lucky. And thanks for letting us know that if we think our tongue is useless, we can cut it off and sell it for some thousands of dollars.


When the goddess succumbed to ill-health, a 39-years-old man called R. Sargunam was so unhappy about the goddess’s health condition. He didn’t know how to help. He set himself on fire and eventually died of 60% burn injuries. That sounds like poetic justice for Sargunam. Our thoughts are forever with his daughter, and widow.


This woman agonized in tears near the goddess’s burial place. We think she made a wise choice by choosing not to commit suicide. (Photo Credit: New York Times)

After the goddess ascended to heaven (well, feel free to read “ascended to heaven” as “died” if you believe a goddess can die), 470 people followed her to heaven by taking poison and jumping into well. Some followed her in the correct way by dying of cardiac arrest like the goddess.

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